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The Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis, Inc. was founded largely through the efforts of Ione Hedges (Dec 2, 1873 РDec 15, 1958). She had attended the first Puppeteers of America Festival in 1936 and signed herself and Susan Barnes (Jul 21, 1905 -Aug 28, 1997)  as charter members of that organization. On June 12, 1939 the Puppet Guild of St. Louis was formed, and dues were 10 cents. At that time, the main thrust of guild activity was to bring the Puppeteers of America National Festival to St. Louis in 1940.

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The guild is open to membership for all interested individuals. You need not be a performer of puppeteer to join the guild. The guild is family friendly, and the entire family is welcome to meetings and activities. However, at times the focus of a meeting or activity may be more focused toward the technical aspects and not something children may readily comprehend.


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